Monday, February 25, 2008

Shop til You Drop

So, Saturday morning LooLoo, BooBoo, The Cheap Chick and I headed over to the Mall of America. It was ridiculously hot and crowded (as is typical on a Saturday around lunchtime), but The Cheap Chick found herself a hottie bar shirt. And I didn't buy anything (except some food to quiet the wee ones). However, a few short hours later LooLoo, BooBoo and I met NaNa over at Southdale. I did not leave there without buying anything. I found chocolate pants for $9.99, jeans for $5.99, a couple of bracelets, a headband and a pair of sunglasses for LooLoo - all for less than $10 each. So, the sales at New York and Company were impossible to resist. Sigh.

I'd say I am adequately outfitted for the next century, but I know myself better than that. Now I just need to put some cute outfits together to make it all worthwhile!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy and Relaxed

I just came back from a girls' weekend in Western Minnesota. The Blonde One gave me a spa weekend getaway for Christmas, so I invited three of my girlfriends to join me. We had a really great time! I didn't count a single calorie and ate whatever I wanted. (I definitely ate much less than I would have normally - it was actually quite disturbing.) I got a manicure, a pedicure, a wrap, a facial and an eye treatment. I slept in, drank beer, went to a wine tasting, ate junk, took naps and watched absolutely no kid TV. I bought clothes for LooLoo and BooBoo and a BUNCH of stuff just for me! My catalog order came yesterday and that was a black dress (see below) I'd been coveting FOREVER and a camel swing blazer (envision Jackie O). I also got an olive safari-esque shirtdress, chocolate flip-flops, a long chocolate puffer jacket with faux fur trim, three more pairs of my favorite skivvies, a long red sweater coat, green sweat pants, green long-sleeved tee and a green v-neck tee (are you sensing a trend here?). Oh, yeah - I got a fantastic pair of shoes last night when I went shopping with LooLoo and BooBoo. I have to stop!

Shout outs to: The Blonde One for being an awesome guy and taking such good care of his loony wife; Sah-wa, J to the H and J to the B for whooping it up with me; MIL & FIL for hanging out with LooLoo and BooBoo; LooLoo and BooBoo for being my sweet potato bugs.

Monday: Nothing attractive, since I had the day off and spent it in Mom garb
Tuesday: Turquoise long-sleeved tee, new black tunic dress, turquoise drop earrings, black tights and black & silver high-heeled boots